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Risk assessment professionals know how to identify and control hazards in the workplace. The objective of this program is to train engineers and other professionals to become risk assessors and to lead risk assessment teams. Risk assessors are able to conduct on-site investigations to determine the existence, nature, severity and location of all types of hazards, and evaluate them to recommend required controls.
This program conforms to the requirements of the Safety Institute of Australia.

Program Requirements
Candidates for the certificate must complete:

  • Four core courses 
  • Two elective courses (can be chosen from another program)
Core Courses

RASH 010
 RASH 010:  Workplace Health and Safety  Hazard Identification, Risk  Assessment  and Risk Control 

Participants will learn how to identify workplace hazards as well as how to assess and control risks.

RASH 020
 RASH 020:  Occupational Health and Safety Principles and Risk Control

Participants will learn how to apply occupational health and safety principles to control risks.

 RASH 030 RASH 030:  Identifying Hazards and Assessing Occupational Health and Safety Risks

Participants will learn how to identify workplace hazards and assess risk.

 RASH 040RASH 040: Workplace Health and Safety Consultation, Effective Management and  Participation Process

Participants will learn how to perform health and safety consultations and how to effectively manage workplace health and safety.

Elective Courses (Choose two from the following, or choose one and take one from another professional program):

 OSHA 040 Occupational Health and safety management systems (ISO 45001) and Environmental management systems (ISO 14001)

The main objective of the course is to familiarize participants with the main elements of the international standards OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. 

 OSHA 085 OSHA 085: HSE Auditing

The main objective of this course is to provide engineers working in the field of safety with the knowledge, skills and methodologies required to check the performance and effectiveness of their safety systems and ensure their compliance with related standards.

 RASH 050 RASH 050: Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Principles
Participants will learn how to apply occupational health and safety principles to risk management.
 RASH 060 RASH 060: Accident Investigation and Responses

This course trains participants to investigate accidents and identify direct and indirect accident sources.